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Defining Branding

By: Danielle
Friday, December 05, 2014
Defining Branding

Branding goes way beyond just a logo or a graphic element. When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire customer experience, everything from your logo, your website, your social media pages, the way you answer the phone to the way your staff interacts with the customers.

Branding can be easily defined as the process involved in creating a unique name and image for a product through advertising campaigns with a consistent theme. Branding aims to establish a specific product or service and differentiates that product in the market. A brand also serves to attract and retain loyal customers.

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or wholesale. Branding is more than just a logo or the product. It has become a promise of quality and reputation!

Brands convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience. It encompasses everything about a company, it may be either good or bad and this depends solely on the public’s perception of the institution.

Brands deliver the message that a particular organization, business, or product is the only one that can suit the customers' needs and when executed effectively, separates competitors and helps consumers identify and remember a particular product.

Why is branding important?

  • Branding Promotes Recognition

    People tend to do business with companies they are familiar with. If your branding is consistent and easy to recognize, it can help people feel more at ease purchasing your products or services.

  • Branding provides motivation and direction for your staff

    A clear brand strategy provides the clarity that your staff needs to be successful. It tells them how to act, how to win, and how to meet the organization's goals. Your brand helps you connect with your customers emotionally.

    A good brand connects with people at an emotional level, they feel good when they buy the brand. Purchasing is an emotional experience and having a strong brand helps people feel good at an emotional level when they engage with the company.

  • A strong brand generates referrals

    People love to tell others about the brands they like and purchase. People wear brands, eat brands, listen to brands, and they constantly tell others about the brands they love and patronize. On the flip side, you can’t tell someone about a brand you can’t remember. A strong brand is critical to generating referrals or viral traffic.

  • A strong brand helps a customer know what to expect

    A brand that is consistent and clear puts the customer at ease, because they know exactly what to expect each and every time they experience the brand.

    Your brand represents you and your promise to your customer. It is important to remember that your brand represents you; you are the brand, your staff is the brand, your marketing materials are the brand. What does your brand say about you, and what does it say about what you’re going to deliver to the customer?

And last but never least...

  • A strong brand provides additional value to your business

    A strong brand will provide value to your organization well beyond your physical assets. Think about the brands that you purchase from Coca-Cola, Apple, Ford; are these companies really worth their equipment, their products, their warehouses, or factories? No, these companies are worth much more than their physical assets their brand has created a value that far exceeds their physical value.

The best branding is built on a strong idea, an idea that you and your staff can hold on to, can commit to, and can deliver upon. Your brand needs to permeate your entire organization. When your organization is clear on the brand and can deliver on the promise of the brand, you will see tremendous fruit while building brand loyalty among your customer base.

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