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Always Have An Emergency Plan

By: Ryan
Saturday, June 30, 2012
Always Have An Emergency Plan

´╗┐There are certain things in life that we can see coming long before they arrive; anniversaries, graduations and retirement. Most things, however, hit us unexpectedly and the financial results can be devastating. You can't anticipate sickness, fraud, accidents or plan that will help carry you through a crisis. Here are some tips to get you going: We are consumed with building our nation and will continue to lay down the bricks that the next generation will build on. Holding back on nothing but sacrificing all to ensure that the future that lies ahead is a bright one.

Know where your money is going

Keep track of how much you're paying out monthly in bills and regular expenses by saving all your receipts. Do this for one or two months and you will see exactly how you spend your money.

Separate your necessities from your wants

Get an idea of your bare minimum ie. Exactly how much you would need per month to keep you on track. Click BUDGET TEMPLATE to download a template to your pc.

Make it your immediate goal to save the bare minimum

Go lean for a month or two and save until you've accumulated a month's bare minimum, an emergency fund. Ideally your emergency plan should be at least 3 months expenses.

Formulate an emergency strategy

This is key. If you experience a job loss or other financial draining crisis, you'll know what to do. Don't wait until the crisis happen to make key decisions while in panic mode.

Finally, you can't predict when a crisis will hit but you can plan for it financially therefor your plan periodically to ensure you are covered. First Aid Financials remains committed to changing the lives of everyone we come in contact with and we will work tirelessly to keep you financially focused. We strive for continuous improvement service we provide and the products we offer.

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