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Basic SEO With Google

By: Micheal
Monday, December 30, 2013
Basic SEO With Google

Are you among the thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and website owners, who have a very beautiful website, with lots of valuable information but suffer from having too little visitors? If so, this article is perfect for you! You are about to learn how to do some basic Search Engine Optimization that can help to increase the traffic to your website using tools provided by the number one search engine, Google.

Search engine optimization simple put is the process of modifying a website so that it improves its ranking on search engines leading to it being found by web surfers. Search engine optimization is a very important part of the online marketing strategy for your website. SEO ensures that your website gets found by your ideal users which allow you to reach your website’s objectives; whether it is to sell a product or service, create awareness, advertise etc.

Google provides many tools that can be used to initiate your search engine optimization strategy for your website. Some of these tools are also free to use. Some of these tools are Google Keyword Planner, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

A good starting point for doing SEO is always to know what your website is all about. That is, the kind of information it offers and the kind of persons that would be interested in it. Once this is known, a list of words and phrases should be recorded that reflects what your website is about. That is, if your website is for an athletic gears store, some keywords and phrases examples that would be of interest would be “men’s sportswear” and “football shoes for sale”.

Once these lists of keywords and phrases have been developed, you will want to use the Google Keywords Planner to discover, the best set of words to use in your website. You will submit your keywords and phrases to Google Keyword Planner, which will show the monthly searches for each keywords or phrases as well as other related keywords that you could use as apart of your SEO strategy. You will then select the phrases that gets the highest monthly searches that are related to the content of your website.

You may need basic knowledge of web design (HTML) or you will need to hire a web designer to integrate these discovered keywords into your website. The contents of your website should utilize these researched key words which will help to improve your website’s ranking for searches that has those words. In addition, meta description tags and title tags (html tags) should contain some of these keywords as search engines use these to help determine the type of a website.

Having modified your website, you will need to submit your website to Google Webmaster Tools using what is called a site map for your website’s pages to get indexed by google search engine. A site map is an XML file that contains links to all the pages of your website that you want search engines to crawl (detect). The file can be created manually with the use of HTML knowledge or it can be generated by submitting your websites address to many of the free online site map generators. Once submitted, Google over time will index your pages so that they can be found by persons doing searches for the keywords used in the website.

The effectiveness of the SEO strategies should be tracked and measured. This can be done using the Google Analytics Tool. Google Analytics is a powerful tool that can provide valuable information about your websites performance. It can give information on the amount of visitors, pages visited, dates visited, location of visitor, source of visitors and much more. When creating a Google Analytics account, you will be provided with a script that must be embedded in the body tags of all the pages on your website. When this is done, you will be able to track many activities of your website as well as the outcome of your Search Engine Optimization Strategy.

Remember it is ineffective to have a website without visitors to view, use and interact with it. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization should be a crucial part of your website strategy. Now that you have some basic knowledge of SEO using Google tools, start your SEO strategy today and begin to see the improvements in your website’s ranking and performance!

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