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Don't Just Live; Live Purpose-full

By: Fabian
Friday, September 04, 2015
Don't Just Live; Live Purpose-full

What will your eulogy be like?

It is often said that you are only living when you are doing so with a purpose. Many will argue this statement to be true and many false. But how would you explain living without being purpose driven? In this article I will discuss how one can go about living ‘purpose-full’.

Finding your Purpose

Before you can live ‘purpose-fully’, you must be able to discover your purpose. Discovering your purpose is usually the most tedious element of your journey in life. Reading the book “The E- Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber I was led to the realization that it is imperative to live with a sense of purpose. In paraphrasing, Gerber instructs the readers to picture themselves at their funeral. He further mentioned that while the eulogy is reading they should think about what is being said and determine whether or not it is what they intended it to be. Is it what you are currently doing with your life? So in order to find your purpose, you have to ask yourself several questions, which includes and not limited to: what am I doing with my life now? Am I impacting the lives of others? Is impacting others something I am passionate about? What exactly do I enjoy doing? What am I naturally enthused about? Do I need to improve on any element in order to superiorly pursue my purpose? These are a few of the many questions you need to ask yourself, in an attempt to find your authentic calling.

Understanding and defining your purpose

After self-searching and answering several questions, you will need to properly understand and define your purpose in order to effectively pursue them. A point to note is that while searching for your purpose, you have already started to understand it. At this stage you may find yourself asking, why is this my purpose? - If it is something new to you. What I did at this phase in my life was to undertake studies to better able to understand or to increase my knowledge in the area of perusal. Here is an example to better aid your understanding; you discover that your chief purpose is centered on caring for people. If you conduct research and observe others in the area, you will find it to be helpful. Here you will be able to define taking care of people and in your definition, it eventually narrows your focus and directs you to taking care of the elderly. By doing the above mentioned, you will realize that you have initiated my third point, which is to pursue your purpose.

Pursuing your purpose

At this stage you are very much aware of, and understand your calling. When you are pursuing your purpose, you will realize that it is easier to limit your daily focus because you will know exactly what you want to achieve. At this stage you will need to set objectives and goals which will serve as a guide towards motive attainment. Getting involve in training programs that will help you to achieve your purpose would be essential at this phase. At some point, many people will have to chase after another alternative before their central purpose because of the state of the economy. Pursuing another alternative at first is absolutely okay, as long as the alternative will serve as a stepping stone to your true fulfillment.

So don’t just live…

“If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”, a quote many if not all are familiar with. Living without a purpose is almost, if not the same as standing for nothing, and this is because you have no idea of what you are working or moving towards in life. In order to not ‘fall for anything’, you must have a sense of purpose, you must be aware of what you want your eulogy to be like when you are gone. So don’t just live; live ‘purpose-full’- LIVE BEING FULL OF PURPOSE.

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