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The Diminishing Man Effect

By: Fabian
Thursday, September 24, 2015
The Diminishing Man Effect

Vision 2030... NO MEN????

It is a man’s world- James Brown sang in 1966. Then in 2011, Beyoncé released “Who run the world, girls”. What will be the song of 2030?

Over the years we have seen numerous fluctuations in gender role domination; from men leading to women. However, presently, we are experiencing a diminishing man effect. Females dominating the men in society is an issue, I need equality, don’t you? And not only that, but we are seeing a society where men are decreasing in needed roles such as in the homes and the work place.

Check the Homes

Men diminishing in the home Men are diminishing in our homes, a crucial area of life. The home is the primary source for cultivating values in our nation’s children, and let us not forget that children are indeed the future. If there is no balance in the homes, where a father figure is present to teach the male child/ children the proper ways of life, then we will have no responsible males for the future. Until more men rise up and start playing their role as a father in our homes, we will have a continuous diminishment of men in society. If we are to look closely in our homes we will realize that men are indeed becoming obsolete, and this should be of momentous concern. Can you envision a world without some level of balance in our homes between male and female, mother and father, sister and brother? While a mother can teach her son and daughter certain values of life, the father is also needed to teach both son and daughter another essential aspect along the way. A troubled reality in life is that the absence of males in our homes has a great effect on our nation’s children.

The sad reality...

In an article written by Dr. Kruk, it was pointed out that effects of fatherlessness includes:

Men diminishing leads to fatherless children

  • Poor academic performance: according to Psychologist Dr. Kruk, over 71 percent of high school drop-outs over the years are fatherless.
  • Delinquency and crime: Kruk mentioned that 85% of young men in prison are fatherless. This would mean that with more fathers in our homes, we will have less delinquent youths present on the streets. He also noted that fatherless homes have contributed greatly to the number of homeless children.
  • Teenage pregnancy and promiscuity: Females without fathers are more likely to have sexual health issues, such as having sex before the age of consent, becoming teenage mothers and contracting sexual transmitted diseases.

Others mentioned: Mental health disorders, future relationship problems, physical health problems, exploitation and abuse among others. So we realize that the absence of fathers in the homes is severely disadvantageous to society.

Check the workforce

Men dimninishing in the workplace Even though most of the managerial positions are said to be held by men, over 85% of total corporate jobs are held by women. Since the recession, there has been an exchange in roles as majority of jobs which were held by men have been drastically taken up by women. Women now have become bread winners and caregivers as well, leaving men to their own doings. Where are society’s men? This is a question worth considering. In the 1960s to 1970s there was a change in Cultural Revolution where you find more women pursuing careers outside of their homes and some men choosing to become caregivers to their children, while a large majority of men did nothing profitable with their lives. Consequently, we are having lesser males in the workforce.

Matter of Urgency!

Jamaica is becoming a fatherless and a ‘man-less’ society. Too many men are missing in the homes; too many men are progressing as ‘street yutes’ demeaning the term ‘Man’; too many of Jamaica’s men are missing the opportunity to be employed in our workplace. Men, if we haven’t recognize this before let us do so NOW, right in this moment. It is time for us to become more aware of the societal men crisis and strive to individually ensure that we are not contributing to the diminishment of our gender in society.

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