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Advertising: The Art Of Getting It Right

By: Fabian
Friday, October 02, 2015
Advertising: The Art Of Getting It Right

Advertising has evolved immensely over the years and so too have the media platforms that so many advertisements flourish. As the head of marketing, you now have a wider array of options but the enormous question you need to ask yourself is, 'which medium is suitable for my company?' Many businesses attempt several advertising strategies and fail, because they lack sufficient knowledge on how to select the correct medium(s). In this article, I will provide ways you can determine the most appropriate medium to use for your company’s ads. Let us commence with an overview of the most popular mediums that are quickly selected by companies.


Below are the most common traditional channels for advertisements. Traditional Advertizing Mediums Newspaper/Magazines- Besides word of mouth advertising, Newspapers and Magazine advertisements are the oldest channels used to advertise. Though old, Newspaper and Magazines are still being utilized and are still relatively effective.

Radio- From reading to listening. The use of radio for advertising reigned supreme over Newspapers and Magazines at its onset because of what radio represented: the voice of the people. Radio has proven to be an effective medium to advertise because one is able to hear ads at random time periods while listening to informative or entertaining programs on the radio.

Television- Subsequent to the reign of the radio came a more compelling channel for advertising- the television. Television plays an important role in advertising as it not only produces sounds but also images and video. To date, television can be deemed the most effective tool used to advertise, simply because it captures most, if not all the elements of its predecessors.

Others include- Billboards, posters, flyers, branded items etc.


When you think digital media, Social Media comes to mind, right? Social media is the most prominent form of digital advertising.

Digital Advertising Social Media- Because Social Media is vividly used on a daily basis, businesses found that they could use Social Media to advertise. As you may know, there are several types of social media networks and as a result, selecting the network that best works for your company should be of high consideration. Here are some of the most prominent platforms- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus among others.

Other digital medium include- email campaigns, blogging, vlogging, etc.

Now that we have an understanding of some of the mediums of advertising, let us move on to selecting the right one for you and your company!

Choosing A Advertising Medium What many companies are unaware of is that, not all mediums are suitable to employ as a method to advertise their company. Some businesses will select most if not all the mediums and receive a high ROI (Return on investment) for a successful advertising campaign, and some will fail miserably.

So how do I know the correct medium for my company’s advertisement?

Simply put, it depends on knowing your industry and target demographic. Therefore, before you can decide which method(s) to employ for your advertisements to be successful, you have to understand your demographic.

The only way to understand your demographic is to conduct RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. How can you discover what your target demographic uses or likes without research? When you conduct a research, whether primary, secondary or both, then you will be able to determine what method(s) of advertising will be effective for your company!

Look at the practicality, you are operating in the Smart phones industry and your target audience is young adults ages 18 to 35 located in rural St Andrew. Conducting a research could assist you in answering questions such as:

  • Does my target audience enjoy watching the television, or are they the online movie fans? (In an effort to decide between TV and Online etc)
  • Do they communicate mostly using social media, or do they prefer to call or text? (Probably the approach should be text messaging advertising over Social media).
  • Do they enjoy reading, or are they the type to listen the radio or maybe watch television? (Maybe they are the reading sort)

The biggest lesson that can be learnt in understanding your target demographic and choosing what method is most apposite for your company targets, is to never assume. Your target in relation to age, in one geographic area can be social media lovers while the same target in a different location can be newspaper fans. NEVER ASSUME! When in doubt, conduct research and GET IT RIGHT!

For further information on selecting the most appropriate medium for your company, contact First Aid Business Solution and let us give you foolproof ways to transcend your business from vision to success!

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