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Doing Effective Content Marketing

By: Micheal
Friday, December 20, 2013
Doing Effective Content Marketing

Content is King

When it comes on to digital and online marketing, it is commonly said that “Content is King”. However, many who are new to the arena of online marketing may not know what this means and hence they fail to bare the philosophy in mind when implementing their online marketing strategies. But, what does the phrase “Content is King” really mean”. The phrase “Content is king” simply means that in order to increase your business’s chance of success online or via digital media, valuable content must be provided to customers that will serve to both increase their knowledge on a specific topic or that will help them to make more informed decisions. Often times the content of websites, blogs and other online articles are written primarily to be crawled by Search Engines such as Google and Bing. However this approach to online marketing is an increasingly failing one. Content must be written with the user or reader in mind as these are the persons that will eventually become your customers. With this in mind, your business should begin to do what is called “Content Marketing”.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing can be described as a process of attracting, engaging, and acquiring your ideal target audience by means of consistently providing them with valuable information which ultimately leads to increased sales, increased profitability and high customer loyalty. Content Marketing simply means becoming a source of valuable information for your ideal target audience, which will help to build your business’s credibility as an expert on a particular topic or within a specific industry.

How Can Content Marketing Help Your Business?

By providing valuable content that that your ideal target audience is searching for, you increase your business’s chance of being found. Every day, there are millions on searches on search engines such as Google and Bing. A large number of these searches involves people looking to gain knowledge on specific topics that your business may be an expert in. If your business has online videos, blogs, podcasts, website articles, Facebook posts and so on that can provide the desired information your business will be found. This now gives your visitors the opportunity to learn more about your business. That is, the products and services you offer, the prices that you offer, your contact information, your locations and much more. Therefore, your ideal target audience will now know how to contact you and they will contact you, thus boosting your sales. In addition, Content Marketing helps to reduce the efforts of your sales team in having to convince people that your company offers professional products and services. Having found and read your value adding content, your target audience will be able to evaluate your credibility and therefore will be able to decides whether or not to trust your business. This means that your articles should be well written. Once you provide valuable and credible content, there will be very little need to persuade your potential customers that you offer what they want.

What are some of the ways to do effectively do content Marketing?


There are various methods, media and techniques that can be employed in successfully doing Content Marketing. A good starting point is to ensure that you have a website that has a section dedicated to informative articles on topics of interest to your potential customers. These topics can be discovered using tools such as Google Trends and Google Key Word Planner. In addition, you may need to possess excellent writing skills, which will allow you to capture and engage your audience from the start to the finish of an article. Therefore, if you operate a small Restaurant in Kingston, Jamaica, you can provide valuable recipes that are commonly sought after. Your recipes and methods will help to communicate your experience in the cooking and catering industry.

Social Media

Utilize the various social media networks that are available. Many of your ideal customers are using them. You can provide valuable content every day that your fans and followers will be excited about receiving. You can also have a daily theme for your content marketing posts. For example, as a Restaurant owner, you can dedicate Mondays to Pastry Recipes, Tuesdays to Creative Vegetarian Meals, Wednesdays to witty decorations, and so on. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn are some of the most popular social networks that you can start with.


Providing professionally made and easy to watch videos represents one of most effective ways of doing content marketing. Videos allow information to be absorbed quickly as well as in a practical way. Your audience will not only hear what you are trying to communicate but they will also see what you are communicating. Using the restaurant example, you can have videos on how to make the best home cooked rice and peas. Your viewers will be able to see and hear what you are doing as you do the activity thus making it a tremendous value adding experience. These videos can then be posted and shared on your website, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs and even on CDs and DVDs.


Set up several blogs for your business. Websites such as blogger, blogspot, wordpress, and gets thousands of visitors daily. There you can build the visibility of your business by providing some valuable content while at the same time creating awareness for your business’s products and services. Ensure that you embed in your blogs links to your website and social media pages.

So go out there start doing some content marketing. Remember it helps to drive traffic to your business’s website and other place where you may have an online presence. It builds your credibility as a business and gives your potential customers the opportunity to learn more about your business and ultimately generate contacts to your business which will then translate into increased sales.

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