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How To Get The Job

By: Ryan
Thursday, October 30, 2014
How To Get The Job

How to get the job? That’s perhaps one of the most prominent questions in the mind of graduates and soon to be graduates. What will make an employer hire me over all the other applicants? Funny thing is, that is actually a very popular interview question, yet many interviewees are unprepared when asked. Ok, let’s get you ready to get that job.

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

Many times a single job vacancy can attract hundreds and even thousands of applications. Hard to believe anyone having the time or energy to read them all. Increase your odds of being noticed by going the extra mile with aesthetics that will make you standout of the pack. Ther is no use in knowing you are the best applicant when you can’t even get the interview.

Be persistent

Ok, so you have identified the job you really want and sent in your resume, what next? Sitting by the phone is never good enough, be persistent. Get inside info on the HR manager and start calling to query if your resume was received. You may not be able to speak directly to the manager, however, you may leave a message. This sends a clear signal that you are not just bulk mailing but genuinely interested in working for the organization.

Put yourself in the employer’s position

It’s an age old question that runs through the mind of every employer who picks up your resume: What can you do for me? They don’t just want to know what you’ve done for someone else! Hit the employers over the head with your applicable skills and abilities that you’ve extracted from your work history and education.

Do the thinking for the employer

On your resume, market the skills and abilities you wish to highlight and those you think potential employers want to see. You can determine this by researching the company, a job listing or any kind of inside info you can get. Keep in mind that people get jobs, not resumes. However, an exceptional resume is essential for those competing in a tough economy. Use yours to market yourself as the best person for the position.

Be confident

Now that you have the interview, don’t lower your chances of scoring with nervous tension. If the job is for you, it’s for you. Have a positive but a nothing to lose attitude. So many applicants stress and worry about whether they will get the job even before they get in the room and end up not getting the job due to nerves.

Prepare for the vacancy applied for

Too often applicants send out bulk resumes to companies all over, then turn up unprepared for an interview unaware of vacancy they are interviewing for. The simple way of solving this is to ask on receiving contact for interview, “Which vacancy will I be interviewing for?” Follow this question with, “Will I need to take anything along with me?” Then get prepared.

First Impressions last

Being early or on-time for an interview is an important first impression. On the same note being late is a very bad first impression that says to your potential employer, “I will be late for work if you hire me”. Another important first impression is the one made with the persons you come in contact with in the lobby or waiting area. You never know who will pass by while you are waiting that you neglected to give a proper greeting.

Getting a job in a tough economy is never easy but applying these will increase your chances of success. Happy hunting.

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