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Your Business Startup Plan In 5 Easy Steps

By: Fabian
Thursday, July 09, 2015
Your Business Startup Plan In 5 Easy Steps

Your Business Startup Plan In 5 Easy Steps.

  1. Establish your objectives: Consider what exactly you want to achieve as it relates to business growth in size and profit both short term and long term.

  2. Define your business: Look at the best business model to adapt then carefully define your product/service offering and your unique selling proposition.

  3. Identify your market: Its very important that you know the size and location of the market you intend to serve. Know who your ideal clients are and the other players in your industry.

  4. Workout your selling and marketing strategies: How, who, when, where will you sell your product/service.

  5. Breakdown your finances: look at your start-up capital needs, list your expenses and make projections for the next 12 months cash flow.

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