First Aid Group International resonates honesty, trust and confidence; our mission promises to take excellent care of our clients’ needs. We are steadfast in ensuring that all our company’s day to day actions are under the rules and regulations set out by law. Furthermore, we are dedicated to delivering high ethical and moral standards that will ensure our clients devoted confidence. With all the above mentioned in mind, we have provided further details below on our pledge to you, our privacy and policy statements.

First Aid Group International is on a mission to continue Transforming Lives... Shaping Future.

Privacy Pledge To Our Customers

At First Aid Group International, trust has always been the foundation of our relationship with our clients. We are committed to building and retaining trust and confidence over the lifetime of our financial and business relationships. Because you trust us with your personal information, we respect your privacy and take strong actions to safeguard that information, including your online information via application. First Aid Group International pledges to protect your privacy and to keep your details confidential unless requested by law.

The information we collect about you provides significant customer benefits. It enables us to understand your financial and business needs, improve products and services, comply with laws and regulations, and provide enhanced customer service, tailored to guarantee the best results!

At First Aid Group International, we will continue to make you the focus, and genuinely commit to keep your information confidential. Our pledge.

Recommendations for Protecting Yourself

While First Aid Group International takes these important steps to protect you and your information, there are important steps you can take to protect yourself.

  1. Be sure the computer you use to access our site is up to date on its security software.
  2. Use programs that scan for viruses and other malware that could steal your Personal ID, password or other confidential information.
  3. Change your passwords regularly.
  4. Bank account statement.
  5. Create passwords that are difficult to guess by using a combination of special characters, numbers and letters.
  6. Do not use public computers to check online bank accounts and email accounts.

Refund Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 30 days from the purchase date, we will refund up to 30% of the cost of services rendered.