Marketing & Advertising

Having a great product or service serves no purpose if no one knows about it. In fact with good marketing, a not so good product will outsell a great one any day.

Just what is marketing?

Marketing is the activities involved in creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers and shareholders. Simply put, it's creating your vision and then telling the world about it. First Aid Business Solutions is much more than an advertising agency, we are business partners. We combine marketing, strategic planning, creative and production expertise in order to provide unsurpassed service.

Why market? Because you must. Marketing is directly related to sales and therefore ultimately related to profits. At First Aid Business Solutions, we pay close attention to your vision, culture and ideals, and ensure ALL aspects of your marketing and branding synergize; all in pursuit of an effective total brand communications package that increases sales. We work tireless researching the market and gathering data that will enable us to clearly communicate to your market segment while building brand visibility, loyalty and prestige.

So now that you know what marketing is all about, are you ready to get started? Or are you thinking about the amount of resource you will need to get all that done? Don't stress it, at First Aid Business Solutions, we take the hassle out of the process, in fact, we will become so much a part of your business, it will be like we are another department. Managing all marketing activities and campaigns, working with product development and consumer testing. We will grow our efforts as the business grows, adding value and ever evolving.

Divine Nature Foods

Hi there, it is our delight to present to you a company built by Jamaicans which seeks to offer the best of Jamaica. We strongly believe in providing a healthy yet affordable product line and therefore employ best practices in crop cultivation and food processing. We also work with carefully selected producers and processors to ensure that our final offering to you our valued consumer is of premium quality.

Divine Commodities

As we all know, real wealth is to be healthy. The world’s supply of safe and organic food is continuously declining which results in scarcity. Divine Earth Group is committed to undertake commodity investing through our Divine Agricultural Projects. Commodities can also be a superb complement to any portfolio. As a long-term investment, commodities offer the potential for attractive returns, can reduce risk through improved diversification and may help portfolios to outpace inflation.

Divine Nature Resort

A line of Nature Resorts that target wellness for mind and body. Restaurant will feature as part of the attraction which will be situated on a farm with rustic feel yet fine dining. Located with the midst of our 45 acre farm located in Evergreen Manchester, this farm will be developed as a tourist attraction offering many natural pleasures. Services to be offered:


NationPride is a platform wherein goods and services are sold. The backing companies for NationPride is First Aid Group International which is the umbrella group for: FABS, FAWM, FAFC, and Divine Earth Group which is the umbrella group for Divine Nature, Divine Commodities, and Divine Nature Resorts. The platform will be initiated with the distribution arm, Divine Nature, and will expand to gradually include the other companies. The business solutions arm, FABS, will maintain the solution/platform.