Finance & Partnership

At First Aid Wealth Management, we are excited about entrepreneurship! A place where all entrepreneurs can go to be inspired, get advice and get funding to realize their ambitions. We are on a mission to convert the business ideas into reality. Our main focus is to support you in transforming your great idea in to a successful and sustainable business.

If you are interested in starting or expanding a new business that’s less than a year old, then you may be eligible for a start-up loan or for equity financing.

We will help you develop your business plan or prospectus and raise the funding needed. Our wealth advisors will help you with your marketing plans, internal operations support and financial projections.

If you are successful in securing your funding for your small business, we will continue to provide you with support in the form of marketing, operational planning, training, overall partnership.

We will assist you in reaching your goals both in the short and long term.

Presidential Optima

This premier solution is offered to registered SMEs seeking financial assistance. This unique, innovative and flexible program allows you to use your equity to secure your opportunity. We offer tailored solution that fits your unique demand, and help you grow!

Venture Capital Financing

First Aid Wealth Management invests in early to mid-stage companies. We invest in high performance teams, creating innovative solutions. With a focus on strategic capitalization and business development support, we provide great teams with the support they need to change the future.